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Highest Quality Bagasse Containers for Easy Decomposition of the Products

Are you searching for the convenience of eco-friendly food packaging products with no harmful impact of foam or plastic? If yes, then look no further. Cane Cart offers the best quality and industrial standard containers, ideal for cold and hot foods with no toxic effects. These containers or paper bags are the perfect solutions for the caterers, fast food centers, and restaurants that serve different menus, from cold salads and sweets to hot entrees or desserts. 

To switch to sustainable packaging for your foods, nothing works better than bagasse containers. Bagasse is a sugarcane processing by-product that is fully compostable. While there are many disposable products you have to burn down to destroy them, causing immense air pollution, you can recycle or renew the bagasse products with ease. It will help to decrease the carbon footprint in the atmosphere. These biodegradable packaging materials from Cane Cart are of superior strength and will crack or never break away under average pressure. They can handle the messiest menus without difficulty due to their oil-proof designs. 

What Bagasse Products does Cane Cart Offer to Its Customers?

Cane Cart is one of the primary manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers of high-quality, sustainable, disposable, and plant-based food packaging containers and products. Due to our fast delivery service and enormous inventory list, we can provide you with any amount of bagasse products without any issues. We supply different bagasse products related to eco-friendly packagings in India like plates, lids, clamshell containers, bowls, coffee cups, trays, and many more. 

All the varieties come in different sizes as per the individual customer needs. All the products of Cane Cart are composed of 100% sugarcane pulp. These bagasse containers are sturdy enough to handle any type of food like hot, oily, wet, or grease, compared to paper containers for food. Below we have mentioned some properties which make our bagasse biodegradable food containers different from the others.

Perforated Lid

All our containers remain shut whenever we close them. The perforated lid preserves the freshness and gives easy access to the customers whenever they are hungry or ready to dig in.

Superior Alternative

The bagasse or sugarcane paper containers occupy a lower space than the other disposable items. It can easily tackle heavier or gravy foods compared to Styrofoam or paper containers. It also needs much lower energy to produce, saving resources and money.

Freezer or Fridge Safe

The containers can withstand low temperatures and are perfect for freezer or fridge storage. It makes the long-term storage of food easy and hassle-free.


Biodegradable products naturally degrade to nutrient-enriched organic materials when disposed of with other materials. They are degradable in commercial facilities, and if correctly composted and shredded, you can also compost them at your home. They will never have any residue, making them ideal for our planet. 

Completely Microwavable

All the bagasse packaging and serving materials are safe to use in the microwave for different food servicing applications. It is also oven safe, thus making it versatile to use in any kitchen. They are also heat resistant up to 100 Degree Celsius, an excellent option for hot food delivery services. 

High Oil Resistant

These eco-friendly disposable food containers have a resistant temperature of up to 120 Degree Celsius for the cooking oils. It makes the containers great for barbeque or stir fry food items. 


People who are often in the food service encounter a common complaint from the customer about leakage. But these bagasse food containers are fully leakproof and are perfect for improving your customer care service. Also, the packaging materials are breathable, thus allowing no external sweating due to hot food inside. 

Food Safety Compliance

All our products are in full compliance with all the food safety protocols. So you can use them without the worry of toxic elements or hazardous reactions with the food.


Since bagasse containers are composed of 100% natural pulp of sugarcane, they are far superior in quality and cost-efficient in price. Thus, most takeaways, food suppliers, and supermarkets also use bagasse containers.

So, if you also want to embrace the new and unique concept of compostable and sustainable food packaging, start shopping bagasse food packaging materials and containers from Can Cart!