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Best Quality Compostable and Biodegradable Food Packaging Products

Eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging products refer to the materials and designs chosen to minimize the harmful impact on the environment and surroundings. Plastic or thermocol plates, holders, containers, and more are responsible for high packaging waste. When transferring large quantities of food from one place to another, the correct eco-friendly packaging can increase the efficiency and speed of safe delivery. Eliminating plastics from your business will be the most sustainable choice you can make for the planet’s future. So explore the current earth-friendly innovations from Cane Cart made from different renewable resources, including no chemicals and plastic. 

All our products offer a sustainable option also designed for conscientiousness and convenience. They are composed of different recyclable and compostable materials. You can select from the extensive collection of containers, bags, jars, bottles, tableware, paper bags, and more, and use them in your home, fast-casual restaurant, catered event, or cafeteria. 

Serving Ware and Dinnerware

The serving ware and dinnerware are composed of different sustainable materials, which can break down faster than the paper or foam products. We offer various size plates, bowls, compartment trays, trays, ramekins, and platters.

Take-Out Containers

We offer different presentable products composed of renewable materials to keep your take-out service and meal completely green. We have included boxes, brown wrapping paper, and trays in this segment.


The environment-friendly paper cups with lids, straws, cup carriers, and coffee filters offer a convenient and sustainable alternative to plastic cups.


The tableware of the Cane Cart, like spoons, forks, and knives, is made from bamboo and corn starch. These disposable items will make cleanup easy, or you can throw them out in the dustbin with no worry of natural harm. 

Paper Bags

As a business in the food industry, you can show the customers your efforts in reducing the carbon footprint by using our biodegradable paper bags. These bags also offer secure packaging with no tear or spillage. 

Why Select Cane Cart Products? 

Cane Cart is one of the best online platforms to search for eco-friendly disposable paper containers for your business. From compostable plates to biodegradable platesyou can find every food packaging essential at Cane Cart. These items will reduce the dangerous impact on the environment, making them one of the best choices for farm-to-table restaurants or many other sustainable establishments. 

Based in India, Cane Cart is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of eco-friendly serving ware and dinnerware to offer a complete meal service to the customer. Most of our products are made from high-standard materials like bagasse, bamboo, molded fiber, and many more. They will fully get disposed of without sitting for years in the landfills. Let us take a look into some other reasons for our popularity.

Superfast Shipping Time

We always deliver our products in perfect condition to the customers as fast as possible. We make sure your order will reach you within the preferred time. Our services combine enormous warehouse space with a conveyor system for operating efficiently and systematically. 

Competitive Prices

We take pride in offering the best quality products at the lowest price possible. Our site includes more than 3000 products to select from, and we are updating our database every day. So you can order from us and stock up the entire establishment for the food service with no sacrifice in the quality. 

Full Product Description

We understand that in online shopping, people can know the product only by going through the detailed description. Cane Cart offers the customers rapid access to the information they need to understand concisely and clearly. 

So, browse through our wide range of disposable food packaging products like kitchen storage containers and brown paper rolls for packing. Choose our products and make a change in the environment by making a small change. So order from us and make your life green.